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Synthetics Plant Move: Louisville, KY to Atlanta, GA

In the fast-paced world of synthetic materials and chemical research, laboratory relocations require meticulous planning, precision, and expertise. Recently, we had the opportunity to assist a prominent synthetics company, which had recently acquired Georgia Pacific's Chemical Line, in their move from Louisville, Kentucky to Atlanta, Georgia. Our comprehensive lab relocation services, tailored specifically for the needs of the scientific industry, encompassed every aspect of the move, from crating high-value machines and instruments to project management and unpacking, ensuring a seamless transition for our valued client.

At the heart of our lab relocation process was the meticulous care we dedicated to safeguarding high-value machines and delicate instruments. Our experienced team provided expert crating services (see some photos below), utilizing the latest industry practices to protect the equipment during transit. The rigging of machinery was executed with precision, minimizing the risk of damage and ensuring the safe handling of specialized laboratory apparatus.

Packing and transportation were handled efficiently, with a focus on maintaining the integrity of the sensitive scientific equipment. Our project management team coordinated every aspect of the move, meticulously planning timelines, overseeing logistics, and ensuring smooth communication between all parties involved. Once the journey to Atlanta was completed, our team skillfully unpacked and set up the equipment, allowing the scientists to resume their important work without delay.

Lab relocations demand a specialized set of skills and knowledge to ensure the smooth and secure transfer of valuable scientific assets. Our seamless transition from Louisville to Atlanta demonstrated our commitment to excellence in lab moving. By providing comprehensive services tailored to the unique requirements of the synthetic materials industry, we ensure that our clients can focus on their research and innovation while we take care of their lab relocation needs. Trust us for your lab moving project, and experience a stress-free transition that keeps your scientific operations running smoothly.

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