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NYC Bio Engineering Lab Moves Cross Town

We were recently given the opportunity to handle a large lab move in New York City which consisted of four labs moving simultaneously to a state of the art brand new two floor lab within New York City. This lab relocation included complete project management in regards to carrying the contracts of all vendors needed to make this lab move a success.

USA Lab Movers dealt with the equipment manufacturers to insure all warranty requirements were in check, scheduled their dates to break down the equipment, pack the equipment and relocate the equipment. We managed crews of over 10 highly skilled movers and packers on both the origin and destination buildings to ensure the labs research had the least amount of downtime possible. We built custom wooden crates for each high value piece to ensure safe handling from the old lab to the new lab. Our packing plan that we crated for the customer made the packing and unpacking process extremely simple for the customer. Overall this project was a complete success!

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