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Penn State to UPenn Lab Move

USA Lab Movers had the pleasure of handling a lab move for Tom M from Penn State to University of Pennsylvania. This lab relocation included packing & crating of sensitive equipment, relocation of minus 80 and minus 20 freezers plugged in during transit, and chemical packing/relocation. Please see some notes below from Tom to find out what his research entails. Another successful lab relocation in the books!

What does Tom Research?

"We are a synthetic chemistry research group that develops new kinds of nano-materials for different applications. One of our focus areas is energy conversion (solar energy conversion, fuel cells, lithium batteries, and electrolyzers), and another is micro-robotics. We also work on the physics of nano-materials, i.e., what happens to conventional superconductors, semiconductors, or magnetic materials when we make the particles very small or lower their dimensionality (i.e., if we make them in the form of nano-wires or nano-sheets vs. bulk materials). You can find some more information on our website, "

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